To develop a website nothing better to hire professional designers and programmers, because they are competent people to create or redesign a site, both from the aesthetic point of view and from the standpoint of programming and functionality. A key aspect when designing a website is to decide what kind of site will be built: a site static or dynamic site. This decision depends primarily on the needs and objectives of each company, as well as the budget with which account.

A static website is one that only displays text and images, without contain animations of any kind, without offering interaction with users and constantly update information. The static websites are those that are built only with HTML or XHTML. They are recommended for individuals or small institutions, as, although not have the attractiveness of animations, are inexpensive and can be effective despite its simplicity if they have a design quality. It is noteworthy that for updating content is necessary to do so with a text editor.

Moreover, a dynamic web site is one that has presentations in which there are animations, sounds, videos, texts with movement, among other options. In addition, a website dynamic content updates occur constantly so very simple (as is the case with sites of newspapers online). Another big advantage of such a site is that you can interact with users, either with customization of content, forums and / or surveys. Today the dynamic websites are most popular, since they are extremely attractive, fundamental aspect in the Internet world, visually saturated.

The technologies used to build Web sites with dynamic presentations are Flash (a program of Adobe) and JavaScript (a programming language). They are tools referred to incorporate the basic HTML (or XHTML) animations and videos, mobile sounds and texts. These two tools are applications "client side", given that for a site built with them are properly displayed on the screen of a user that it is necessary to have a browser that supports Flash and / or JavaScript. That is, a website with a lively presentation made with Flash or JavaScript is correctly viewed by users, provided that their Internet browsers can withstand these technologies. Undoubtedly, both as Flash JavaScript are widely used in the design because the main web browsers interpret these tools without problems.

Beyond the animated presentations, websites can have a dynamism and the possibility of updating the contents constantly recharged. Day to day, minute by minute changes can be made on information from one site, so very simple, if it is built with some of the following languages: Perl, PHP, ASP, ASP.NET. These applications server side, as they are executed by the server of a website and not by each user's browser. These languages, combined with the basic HTML or XHTML allow write sites with dynamic load and update information. If you also want to incorporate animation and multimedia, working with Flash and JavaScript, along with other languages.

At this point it becomes crucial to the election server for a web site. Ud. You. se preguntará por qué es importante pensar en el servidor. you'll wonder why it is important to think about the server. The reason is simple. The servers Windows and Linux servers support different technologies. For example, Perl is a language that runs on the Linux platform, while ASP and ASP.NET only run on the Windows operating system. PHP, for its part, can be run on different platforms: Linux, Windows and Macintosh. For this reason, before opting for a server is a need for web designers take into account what kind of technologies will be used in conducting a website.

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