Experts in web positioning play a key role in ensuring the effectiveness of a website. This is because, in addition to the aesthetic sense and planning, aspects of which are responsible designers and web developers, it is extremely important that a site is among the top positions of the major search engines, including Google. Only in this way a website will reach the highest level of traffic, ie only way you can have an incredible number of users who visit and stay in it. With a position at the top the website of a company truly will be available for the entire world.

There is no point in having an attractive site if it has little public traffic. Given that business purpose and communicative of a website is to reach as many people as possible to offer products, services and information is crucial positioning in search engines, since they are the main tool for Internet search people. When people navigate using search engines such as Google, and they become the main reference when it comes to consult websites. Given the enormous number of sites available on the Web, users will fall primarily on those sites that are positioned among the first twenty places, and relying on the criterion of ranking of the engines.

The searchers classified web sites bearing in mind two basic guidelines: quantity and quality of key words and phrases included in the texts (both in content and in Central titles, captions, hyperlinks, text, images, etc.). Key words are nouns and verbs, as well as expressions that characterize typically the subject of a site. In the case, for example, a website devoted to the sale of toys, the most important words are "toy", "game", "doll", "autito", "ball", "board games," " Gift, "" children "and all those who make explicit reference to the area in question. The criterion of keywords has a raison d'ĂȘtre: it is an anticipation of those words that people will make their search through a determined search engine.

The experts in SEO, Search Engine Optimization (Search Engine Optimization) know how to make the website content have the necessary amount of keywords for search engines to the index in the top positions. We also know many other approaches to optimize a site and to be placed in an advantageous position. Therefore, if a site is widely visited by a large number of users is absolutely imperative to have your advice.

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