In HOSTING-AND-WEBDESIGN.COM present the main types of web hosting for you the known and to evaluate what is the most convenient according to their needs, namely expectations of traffic on your site and available budget. We provide a description of the different types of lodging available on the market. EThey are as follows:

• Web hosting:

The free accommodation is a space on the Internet at no cost to develop a website. This free service can be beneficial only for very small sites and end with a rather amateur. It presents several disadvantages to consider: very limited storage space, traffic also very limited, excessive advertising of the company that offers free accommodation. Some are known hostings free Geocities, Yahoo, and Google Page Creator, Google.

• Hosting shared:

The shared hosting is a hosting service in which it offers to share the available space on a server and Internet connection with customers of different websites. A server (as a computer) can be shared when it is configured for using a server program. This option is hosting which usually choose small and medium enterprises, since it is a hosting service accessible and effective for mid-level websites. Anyway, shared hosting has some drawbacks: on the one hand, the fact that many websites share the same server can they become slower, on the other hand, it is possible that problems in one of the sites generate problems others. However, the shared accommodation is a far superior option to work properly and free hosting for medium-sized enterprises.

• Dedicated web hosting:

You may also choose to hire a dedicated server, meaning that a person can have a server completely (without sharing with others). This is a server dedicated exclusively, as its name indicates, the client who hired him. This means that the customer has full control over the server and also the responsibility on him. Usually web hosting companies that offer dedicated server provide Internet connectivity and maintenance, charging a fee for these extra services. It is a convenient option only for costs to websites with a huge volume of traffic.

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