This section offers information about the main characteristics of servers from Windows and Linux. It should be pointed out that web servers can work with either operating systems without having any connection with this operating system employing users. Moreover, a server operating system is transparent, meaning that users of a website will not mind the type of operating system that works with the server (Windows or Linux). We invite you to read descriptions of each of these servers:

Windows or Linux servers

Linux servers

Linux servers (such as Apache) basically supports the following technologies: PHP, Perl and MySQL databases. One of the advantages of Linux servers is that they are safer, since hackers and viruses often tied car over to Windows servers. In addition, the Linux platform is solid and almost sacrosanct. A Linux server is also faster, thanks to the technical characteristics of its platform, which makes applications operate with more speed and thus websites are also housed faster. Another major advantage of Linux servers is that they are cheaper, because Linux is free software and servers since these involve less maintenance (do not require constant attention and monitoring by hacker attacks and viruses, nor installation of continuous patches, unlike the Windows servers).

• Windows Servers

The Windows servers, such as Internet Information Services (IIS), supporting technologies PHP, ASP, ASP.NET and SQL databases and Access, among others. The main advantage of Windows is a server that is easier to use, the control panel is actually very simple and anyone can use it smoothly. This is the general advantage of Microsoft Windows operating system. Being a very popular platform in the world, everyone knows how it works (unlike Linux, a less known and therefore perhaps more complex for ordinary people).

Anyway, beyond the differences between the two platforms, both Linux servers and Windows servers have a high quality and are truly effective. This is because both servers reliable technicians operating system and other working steadily on them to improve and provide increasingly better products. Thus, the decision by a Linux server or Windows depends largely on what each website calls from the plane of programming, the type of technology that requires (ASP, PHP, Perl, etc.)..

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